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MERRIMACK COLLEGE: Thagaste symposium

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TAGHASTE SYMPOSIUM: 27 settembre 2006

Diversity and Dialogue in Augustinian Community




The Thagaste Symposium is an annual gathering of scholars and students at Merrimack College to discuss the influence of St. Augustine on ideas and issues of interest and concern to contemporary scholars. Members of the faculty, students and visiting Augustinian scholars present or respond to prepared papers. Topics are approached from ecumenical, inter-religious and inter-disciplinary perspectives.


To accomplish its educational mission, Merrimack College draws on the vast intellectual and spiritual resources of the Catholic intellectual tradition, as well as the educational heritage of Augustine and the Augustinians. This year's Thagaste Symposium will highlight how Catholic teaching and Augustinian values help prepare students for citizenship in the diverse and pluralistic communities of our global society.

Documents of the Second Vatican Council, recent papal encyclicals, and the role of dialogue in the thought of St. Augustine-both as classical form and engaging encounter-will be the touchstones for this discussion.

Lectures and discussions during the symposium afe open to all members of the College and to visitors.





2:00 Welcome by President and Fr. James WenzeI, OSA,

Director of The Center for Augustinian Study and Legacy

2:05 Opening Prayer, Sr. Mary Ellen Dow, SND, Director of Campus Ministry

2:15 First Presentation: Joseph T. Kelley, Provost "Dynamic Diversity in a Pluralistic Catholic and Augustinian College"

3:00 Panel Response and General Discussion:

Sr. Mary Ellen Dow, SND as Moderator

Dr. Deborah Litvin, Department of Management

Ms. Victoria Izzo '04, Graduate Student, Boston College

Mr. James Wilson, '67, Member Board of Trustees


3:40 Five minute Break

3:45 Second Panel Response and General Discussion:

Sr. Mary Ellen Dow, SND as Moderator

Ms. April Gagne, Graduate Student, Washington Theological Union

Mr. Christopher Vasta, '04, Teacher, Xaverian Preparatory School

Ms. Mary McHugh, Director, Stevens Service Center


4:45 Response from Dr. Kelley

5:00 Reception (Reservations required)

5:45 Dinner (Reservations required)

7:00 Second Presentation: Giuseppe Redaelli,

Augustinian Association, Cassago Brianza (Cassiciacum), Italy

"The Role of Dialogue in Augustinian Commulnty"

7:45 Discussion